MARCH 15, 2015


As my interiors business started to grow, I increasingly wanted it to have its own name. Admittedly, the paparazzi aren't following me and my social media footprint is very small, but I still desired some separation between my life and my work. I also wanted to give the company its own life and identity and with a few new projects to share, the time seemed right. My love of nature and passion for vintage proved to be obvious sources when choosing a name and logo.

Verdoier* is an Old French verb which means 'to be or become green', usually in the botanical sense. Paired with a verdure tapestry as our logo, it has a classic vibe with a fresh, modern feel - essentially a metaphor for what I try to acheive in decorating. Verdoier also has connotations of flourishing and coming to life . . . to flourish is to grow in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment. The most important thing about a house is the life that takes place within it. I hope Verdoier can inspire this life and the people who ultimately make a house a home.

Welcome to Verdoier!

/Jill Danyelle

*If your high school French is escaping you, you can listen to Verdoier here. Just click the speaker icon. This more modern spelling has a 'y', but the pronunciation is the same.